Tuesday, May 22, 2012

original is always the best

We have been experimenting with everything under the sun and we are so excited and so proud to be displaying our new products at the vintage market on June 23 at the Albion 'fairgrounds in Maple Ridge. 23514-105th Avenue.

An example of items that we have been doing is gilded mirrors, what to do?  Well, we have been waxing them with ebony wax and getting such a aged smoke look and replacing the mirrors with chalkboard. Some of the gold does come through but it gives it the hint of age to it.  Sorry people but there is one more step and we are not giving it out.

All the mirrors that we are collecting we are also aging them and putting them on their own display boards and we are using them as a feature wall in our shop. reuse everything.

This is the best idea of them all.  BUFFET AND HUTCH.  What to do?

The buffet we have been selling them as bathroom vanitys. perfect size for double sinks.  The hutch we have been cutting the back of them off and making? you guessed it.  HEADBOARDS.  Yes ladies and gentlemen they look amazing.  The shelving we use for something else but we have used a useless piece of furniture and gave it life. you will only see it at the vintage market on June 23.

At Revamp it is about using everything and making it unique and the more the pickers bring in the more we work it.

We have so many gold and old chandeliers and we came up with a concept for that, we cannot wait for you to see crystals and nature.

We love our job.

We have also designed a coffee table using grand piano legs but  it will be sold before the show which is so unfortunate.  large and grand and functional that is us.

We have been collecting old wing back chairs and they are not inexpensive but we have been recovering them in burlap and i must say again i love nature and we are providing slipcovers so we get the old and the new.

We are using everything in front of us and it is the most rewarding experience because we are not using the professionals we are thinking "what can we do?"

This is a business and we do a charge $200.00 entrance fee.  We teach you everything in a day because we are on a timeline and so are you. If it takes you longer so be it. come again.

We teach.

different finishes such as high gloss for expensive furniture, waxed look for distressed furniture. staining and reupholstering a chair. It is not that hard.

Best part, you bring your own furniture and away you go.

At Revamp we are original and we enjoy brainstorming with the decorators and the stagers who constantly visit the shop.

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