Monday, April 16, 2012

What's new at ReVamp

Many of you do not know that Monica Foerster has helped me immensely in designing and posting the pictures on my blog.
Well she has finally found a place in Fort Langley in a new antique mall to showcase her furniture and designs.

I cannot thank her enough for the time and the effort she has given to me and i hope she does very well as she is a very talented woman.

Alot of people come into ReVamp and they dont know what to make of it. Well we are a design, retail shop. The other day i welded a 9ft dead cherry tree. I am now designing a dog bath for outdoors. iron inside rustic outside. We paint alot of furniture and then we design our own. Alot of designers and stagers shop here for the one of item that gives the home charactor. alot of people come in and say i need this at this budget and we make it happen.

We were going to hold workshops for painting furniture but it seemed that it was better to do individual workshops and show people how to paint in many different mediums, rustic, high gloss modern, distressing and etc. We now just charge a surcharge and everyone learns at their own pace until their ready to do it on their own.

We do consignments but are very picky if that is the right word for this.

i will try to keep this blog current so that i can free up Monicas time so she can do her own blog.

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